Find Relief from Back Pain at Physicians Rehabilitation in Clearwater, FL

Back Pain Relief Clearwater FL You don’t have to live with nagging back pain. Find the relief you need and deserve at Physicians Rehabilitation in Clearwater, Florida. Our fully equipped center is led by board-certified specialists who excel in non-surgical back pain treatment. If you’re ready to get over your symptoms and get back to life, we encourage you to contact us today.

Back pain can arise from a variety of sources and can affect people of all ages and lifestyles. The spine is a complex structure with dozens of small bones, cushioning discs, and nerves that work in harmony to facilitate movement and provide sensation. Something as simple as having poor posture or playing a high-impact sport can trigger disruptive symptoms that impact quality of life.

Back pain treatment at Physicians Rehabilitation

Physicians Rehabilitation takes a conservative approach to back pain relief to avoid unnecessary surgery. By taking the time to carefully evaluate our patients’ pain and utilizing advanced therapies — such as spinal decompression, physical therapy, and adult stem cell therapy — we are able to design individualized treatment plans that deliver outstanding results. Our physicians are serious about helping residents of Clearwater find lasting back pain relief, and look forward to helping you.

Even if other doctors have told you that surgery is your best option, we encourage you to contact Physicians Rehabilitation in Clearwater for a no-cost consultation. Our professionals will be happy to outline our back pain relief options and answer any questions you may have. Physicians Rehabilitation is proud to be a preferred partner in the Laser Spine Institute Total Spine Care Network.