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I Didn't Want Another Knee Surgery!

“Pain level coming in was an 8, going out a 1. I had my left knee operated on and I didn’t want to go through that pain anymore, so I wanted to try something different…getting in and out of the car, walking stairs was a catastrophe…Now I’m hitting the golf ball better than before…”

Andrew F. – Florida 

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Time to Take Care of My Knee Pain!

“I always had pain because as a child I was very klutzy and I always fell down and landed on my left knee, which hurt me on and off over the years, but I was accustomed to it…so I came here and it was wonderful, no more pain…”

Margaret M. – Florida

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Osteorarthritis Knee Pain Relief!

“I was having extreme difficulty with my knee…I didn’t have the mobility that I wanted…I was limping and at a 5 or more pain level due to osteoarthritis…had to sit in the car and listen to the radio…couldn’t go shopping or walking on the beach…after treatment I was at a 1…”

Dennis S. – Florida

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With Bad Heart - Resisting Knee Surgery!

“When walking my pain level was a 6 or 7…I had taught tennis 25 hours a week…then took care of my wife for a year and a half…afterwards I went to the gym and I could not peddle a recumbent bike…after two weeks of therapy I could pump the bike backwards and forwards…”

Paul G. – Florida

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Try the Shots First!

“If you’re thinking about getting your knee replaced you may as well try the shots first…the three shot series I had back in Boston didn’t do a whole lot…but this program afforded me the ability to walk longer and further…the pain is pretty much gone…”

David C. – Florida

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Drug-Free Cervical Neck Pain Relief!

“When I first came here to Physicians Rehabilitation, my pain level was between a 9 and a 10, and now my pain level is next to nothing…”

LeAnn B. – Florida

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Lower Back Pain Gone - Golfing Regularly!

“My pain level was extreme…I just couldn’t walk. I came to Physicians Rehabilitation after visiting my doctor…who told me I had to have surgery or shots…and I needed help…”

Joe W. – Florida 

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Finally, Relief From My Chronic Pain!

“Were it not for your treatment, I would still be in pain and unable to enjoy a normal active lifestyle. As you know, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and saw many doctors over the years. None of the previous treatments were successful in improving my condition.

Thank God I found VAX-D. I was really very pleasantly surprised to find that I felt much better after just three visits. After completing the program, all of the pain was gone. What a relief to be able to be rid of that persistent pain that I endured for much too long. If someone in physical pain similar to mine spoke with me about it, I would refer that person to you without hesitation. With great appreciation and respect for the powerful tool of VAX-D, I thank you.”

David Ivancic
Organ Transplant Specialist
Northwestern University Medical School

With Spinal Decompression, I Avoided Surgery!

“There are not words adequate to express my appreciation and gratitude for the kindness, encouragement and support shown to me during my 6 weeks of treatments, not to mention the pain relief and benefits of the VAX-D treatments. I consider these treatments/therapy a Miracle drug with a capital ‘M’. My primary care doctor and the surgeon to whom she sent me both recommended surgery and saw that as the only way to go.

I have and will continue to sing the praises and recommend this treatment to as many people as possible, as I know others can benefit from this therapy as it hopefully becomes more widely known.”

Sara Draper, P.T.
Physical Therapist, Dallas, Texas

I'm Already Pain-Free!

“I know it sounds impossible, but I could feel VAX-D working. I had relief from my pain for several hours after my first treatment, and that’s what I find so impressive about it. Nothing is completely risk-free, but this is close, and all more invasive options were just that – invasive. Not to try VAX-D first to relieve pain like mine just didn’t make sense to me. The result was 100% relief from my pain with this treatment. I think it’s awesome.”



Richard Goulding, M.D.
Otolaryngology, Palm Bay, Florida

Wonderful Results!

“I am the most grateful person on the face of the earth for having been directed to this non-surgical alternative to back pain treatment. It will be my legacy in life to bring this treatment to my hometown. It is inconceivable that this new and different manner of decompression of intervertebral discs and facet joints is not better known. It is most difficult to understand, as a physician and patient, why this proven non-surgical treatment is not covered by all insurance carriers and Medicare but also is not routinely recommended prior to surgical intervention.

For my extremely severe multilevel lumbosacral pathology, VAX-D was truly a lifesaver.”

Earnest A Reiner M.D.